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I don't know jack about poetry, but we all have to start somewhere.

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Sleep E. - fuck netflix

you little bitch
can't believe i'm transfixed
2018-02-03 (at 4 fucking am)

Sleep E. - brain pushups

every day I do brain pushups,
but there is no self-help book
to remove the cosmic elephant
that sits on my chest every day.

Sleep E. - friend

flying high or feeling crude,
you were the panel to my mood.
because I'm so conflicted, for you
I have scripted a “no”.

Sleep E. - Information Overload, part one

read my face like a book:
eyes glazed from the inside,
I drool my brain all over the floor,
and let the pigs lap at my pride.

Sleep E. - Melatonin

a pleasant fatigue
melatonin leaves me
cuddling my bed

Sleep E. - It is 2AM and I just want to sleep

I've been down this road before
think still, just sleep, and turn no more.
cull that quill, the train of thought
and dream the restless dreams you've sought.